I ran into another problem lately that an instructor's signature would have

First of all we are a two year community college, and students frequently
take classes at more than one college within the Twin Cities Area at the
same time.

A student called in requesting a tutor for logic, so I scheduled her session
over the phone.  Earlier this fall, she had been using a math tutor to
finish up an incomplete from this  past summer.  Her math tutor happened to
be sitting right here when I hung up the phone after speaking with the
student.  The tutor said, "She is not taking that class here on campus but
is attending a four year college near by."  When I approached her on the
subject that she wasn't attending logic class on campus, she became
irritated and asked when that became a policy to only tutor classes on our
campus.  She is taking a computer class here, so she felt she was entitled
to a logic tutor.

Susie, please send me one of your forms requesting info when they sign up
for tutoring, either via e-mail or snail mail.

LouAnn Oppitz
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Hi Julie,
I inherited a similar system and change it also.  Students had to have the
instructors signature for any tutoring, one on one or group.  The signature
was optional, but neither the students nor the instructors knew
that.  There were cases where instructors would not sign, acknowledging the
student wanted additional help, and the eventually failed.
We now have an extensive tutoring paper trail for one on one
tutoring.  Anyone can come to an open lab/group session.  Students come in,
request a tutor and are given a copy of the tutoring expectations and an
information sheet.  The information sheet asks what class they would like
tutoring in, what areas specifically are they having trouble with (reading
the book, completing homework, studying for a test, etc.) Based on their
answers we may point them in a different directions, like a skills
workshop.  Then, we email the instructor and ask if the student is coming
to class, coming to class prepared, and/or using office hours.  Based on
the instructors responses, then the student comes to tutoring or not.  We
have turned students down for one on one tutoring due to "lack of good
faith effort" on their part and we show them exactly how....with
attendance, etc.
While contacting the instructors takes a little more time, it really helps
a lot to empower the student to know that they can't use tutoring as a
substitution for not attending and being prepared and it lets the
instructor know the student is trying.
If you would like copies of our tutoring expectations and the information
sheet, just let me know and I'd be more than happy to pass those along.
Good Luck,

At 08:54 AM 10/10/00 -0400, you wrote:
>When I started my job as Tutor Coordinator at Frederick Community College,
>I inherited a system where students who wanted 1:1 tutoring are required
>to first get their instructor's written permission. The reasons given for
>this were that:
>1. instructors could insure that students were first using department
>resources such as office hours
>2. students could not use tutoring as a substitute for attending class
>3. staff could "distinguish those students who are truly in need of
>tutorial services" as the tutoring budget was not bottomless
>I am taking this issue to our advisory board as I would like to remove
>this stipulation for various reasons. I would welcome any feedback on the
>pros/cons of asking for instructor's signatures. Do any other colleges
>require this for 1:1 tutoring? We don't require signatures for drop-in or
>online tutoring.
>Thanks for your input.
>Julie Shattuck
>Program Manager, Tutorial Services
>(301) 846 2523
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