We just initiated a program this week for our student athlete's, four days a
week for two hours a day.  THe coaches were encouraged to send their
'at-risk' students to these sessions that are being facilitated by a Master
Tutor (faculty).  The problem that happened this week is:

No athletes came!

The main problem is that there are no consequences in place if they don't
show for these things.  We are a community college and our scholarships do
not determine if these students attend or not in most cases.  Many of our
teams are short of members, thus, they have difficulty benching students
just because they don't attend a study session.  They don't want to forfeit
their games.  It is a dilemna.

Regarding the at-risk component, they define this as students who are
registered for two or more developmental courses, since they would be
ineligible to play if they are on academic probation.

The master tutors, as i mentioned previously, are full-time faculty who are
being paid from another budget to be in this space for two hours a week.
THis week they got this extra money to do their planning!

How do you get the athletes to come?

Karyn Schulz
Coordinator of Tutoring
Student Success Center
CCBC Essex

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Subject: athlete study tables

Our learning center is currently running a study table in cooperation
with our head football coach.  All freshman football players
(approximately 55) are required to attend this study table for 3 hours
weekly.  They are expected to use this time to work on academics, and
once a week I present a brief (20 minute) "lesson" on some academic
success skill/strategy (time management, test preparation, etc.).

Do any of you oversee study tables for athletes?  I would sure like to
find out what other institutions do (what works, what doesn't work,
hours required, staffing issues, etc.).  We'll be reviewing this fall's
study table soon, and I'd like to have some ideas from other
institutions when we do.

Thanks very much.
Lisa Kramme
Midland Lutheran College