WE have just started sending tutors to the study tables for athletes and
tracking athletic use of tutoring programs.  Let me explain.

I have three tutoring services under one program.  Tutoring Services is
sending two tutors over on Monday night to deal with business classes and
business math.  Math Skills Lab is sending one tutor for liberal arts math
on Tuesday and the Learning Center is sending one professional tutor for
reading, study strategies and writing on Wesdnesday.  We are just starting
this semester-but I think it will work out just fine since many are

Secondly, we are tracking all athletes in a weekly sheet that is filled out
by the three directors of our programs and sent to the athletic coordinator
of the Study Tables.   If students attend tutoring outside of study table
they can get up to 3 hours off of the study table per week.  This listing
will also encourage the athletic coordinator to remind athletes of the
available tutoring.  He will also know who is and who is not attending.
This will be especially important when the grade reports are sent over next

Hope this helps-
Jackie Simon, Director
Education Enhancement Program
Rider University

Lisa Kramme wrote:

> Our learning center is currently running a study table in cooperation
> with our head football coach.  All freshman football players
> (approximately 55) are required to attend this study table for 3 hours
> weekly.  They are expected to use this time to work on academics, and
> once a week I present a brief (20 minute) "lesson" on some academic
> success skill/strategy (time management, test preparation, etc.).
> Do any of you oversee study tables for athletes?  I would sure like to
> find out what other institutions do (what works, what doesn't work,
> hours required, staffing issues, etc.).  We'll be reviewing this fall's
> study table soon, and I'd like to have some ideas from other
> institutions when we do.
> Thanks very much.
> Lisa Kramme
> Midland Lutheran College