Good teaching is still good teaching and no software program can take the
place of this. However, this said "reading is much like typing", you have to
practice doing it. There needs to be interventions to double check on
comprehension and there needs to be assistance, when comprehension breaks
down.  In this light we use several different programs:

Diascriptive Reading - Level 3 by Educational Activities (
serves as exit criteria for one of our reading classes.

Weavers Reading Comprehension - latest windows version is more visually
appealing, yet has the same sound material written by teachers not techies.
This has tutorial materials, including the fact that some material students
have to read is boring! Yes, they will still have to learn how to read and
remember boring material! This is computer based software with placement
tests for levels and back up tests for further assessment, when students
don't meet the criteria on the first time.  (

Learning Plus is another software that was designed for developmental reading
students. Again the content is important as well as the fact that this
software is designed for our college audience. This program comes with both a
math and a writing component from ETS.

These are smaller (less expensive) pieces of software than the ILS
(integrated learning systems) such as Plato and Novanet.

Even if you decide to use an ILS, some HUMAN must provide diagnosis,
facilitation and assessment of student progress or you will just  have an
electronic babysitter. (Lucy's personal bias. :-)

Lucy MacDonald
Chemeketa Community College
Salem, OR