We provide one- to two-hour training sessions every week on Friday, amounting
to twelve to fourteen or more hours per semester.  I particularly like to
disperse training throughout the semester so that tutors have opportunities to
express what their needs are and have us address them.  I receive great
enjoyment from our tutors' contributions to the weekly sessions.  Tutors may
seize the opportunity to present a lesson on some topic that particularly
concerns them.

I notice that our tutors exercise the principles we cover in training and
that clients are extremely pleased with the instruction they receive.  I also
take it as a good sign when they share their deep introspections about the
instruction of their clients and how that instruction affects their clients.
I watch them become assertive in very effective ways, urging clients to become
more independent. When tutor and client meet each other with smiles and head
directly for their favorite corner, I am confident that learning is taking
place and that the client has found a safe place to risk and learn. And then,
on follow-up at the end of the semester, clients overwhelming answer that the
instruction helped and their grades prove it.  I realize that none of my
comments prove much, but I see and hear the dialogue of learning and I know
new meaning and good results are in the making.

And yes, experienced tutors are invaluable in the weekly training sessions.
They contribute much from their own tutoring experiences and past training.


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> I was wondering if anyone knows of some resources that discuss the
> importance of tutor training or if there has been any kind of study
> completed that compares the effectiveness of tutors with training against
> tutors without training.
> Also,  I know that CRLA requires 10 hours of tutor training for
> certification.  Which brings about several questions:
> Do you do more/less and why?
> Is your training all at the beginning of the semester or is it dispersed
> throughout the semester?
> How effective is you tutor training and how do you assess its benefits?
> Do you require returning leaders to attend training with your new leaders?
> I would appreciate any thoughts on this subject.
> Wendy Wilson
> Instructional Systems Specialist
> United States Naval Academy
> Annapolis, Maryland
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