I am a new subscriber.  I have a temporary job as "tutoring services
coordinator " at Comm. College of Vt.  They are trying to decide what they
want to do in this area, and I am to collect info about it to help them out.

At the end of this email is the list of questions I have developed.  If
anyone would be willing to answer, I would be most appreciative!  I am
particularlylooking for responses from open admission  colleges, but all
information is welcome.

My personal email address, if you do not wish to reply to the whole list:
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Polly Ellerbe
CCV tutoring services coordinator
119 Pearl Street
Burlington, VT

Do you have a tutoring center,
or have a coordinator who connects students and tutors, or what else?

How do you assess need for tutoring, if you do?

how is your center funded : operating budget, student fees, etc, etc
if TRIO-funded, what do you do about non-TRIO students

Do you charge students for tutoring?  if so,how do you handle it?

What are your limits on tutoring, if any

Do you use peer tutors or outsiders or both
How much do you pay them, or do you?

What does the center [or person] do that you would want to pass on to

What, if anything, did you try, and then promise yourself you would never
do again?