look, I'm no fan of Bush's, but let's not get out of hand here.  He said that
the at-risk students at the school to which he was referring were mostly
Hispanic, and he said that the epithet 'at-risk' is taken to mean that the
students can't learn.  Even coming from him, you could hear the scare
quotes-- he was indicting the educational category 'at-risk'.

There are lots of reasons (I think) to not like Bush, burt this just isn't
one of them.


Robin Wright wrote:

> He also said they were "mostly Hispanic" if I remember correctly.
> It was appalling.  What has been more appalling is that the media
> hasn't bothered to point out all these things. I'm horrified that
> people just accept those types of generalities bred from ignorance
> as fact.
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> Bush's quote about at-risk students shocked me too. He mentioned students
> who are "at-risk," and then defined them as students who "can't learn."
> This tells me a great deal about the man and his policies.
> "The man who never alters his opinion is like standing
> water, & breeds reptiles of the mind."
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