They both made gaffes and exaggerated; don't take my word for it. Check out
USA Today's web site. "Candiddates
cited for gaffes...". Barb

Michael Douglas wrote:

> As Don Fabun, former editor of "Kaiser ALuminum News" once wrote, "The
> trouble with is, is is."
> At 10:29 AM 10/5/00 -0400, you wrote:
> >Your quote without context is unfair.
> >Bush is correct in saying that many students
> >are at-risk because they have not learned.
> >Too little has been expected of many of
> >our students which has led to their under-
> >achievement. Bush has it right when he
> >says that more should be expected--from
> >students and educators alike.
> >
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> >Colleagues,
> >
> >No matter what you think of either of the presidential candidate's
> >overall performances in the October 3rd debate, I hope that Governor
> >George W. Bush's discussion about education -- and his comment about
> >"at-risk" students in particular -- caught your attention.
> >
> >In reference to "at-risk" students, Bush states, "...basically, they
> >can't learn."
> >
> >You and I both know this is inaccurate. We may hope that Governor Bush
> >really doesn't mean what he said. But suppose that he does...and suppose
> >that at some point, he suggests policies that align with that perception
> >-- either at a state or a national level. What then -- for our students,
> >for our programs, and for the field of developmental education?
> >
> >I pose this as more than a rhetorical question. My hope is that we can
> >have some healthy discussion on what we developmental educators can and
> >should do, in response to this misstatement.
> >
> >Please respond to the list. We'll compile the results and will work with
> >you to carry forth any response you feel is appropriate. There are no
> >national politics or politicians, where developmental education is
> >concerned, but we believe that our strength is in our association with
> >each other.
> >
> >Of course, your individual responses -- differing or in agreement -- are
> >welcomed. That's the way a democracy works, after all.
> >
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