Two weeks ago a new name and identity was given to the former Student
> Support
> Centres at the University of South Australia.
> On each of the five metropolitan campuses of the University we now have a
> new
> area called Learning Connection. This includes  the services of learning
> advisers, counsellors, careers advisers, international student support and
> professional developers.
> If you would like to find out more about our services and how they are
> structured visit our home page at:
> A detailed explanation of all our services has been given in
> see
> Learning Connection - Portfolio of Services
> A number of changes are being implemented but the main ones include:
> *   the development of online learning resources (access is available
> beyond the Uni of SA)
>         - we have developed a new series of learning guides which can
> be accessed on the web and downloaded or printed.
> htm
>         - we have also developed some online workshops on general
> topics -

Books for Reading Interns
ing my insider knowledge is still
correct)---for other courses consider From Access to Success by
Maxwell.  Improving Student Learning Skills is also good.  Teaching
Study Skills and Strategies in College by Iannuzzi, includes
many practical techniques.  McKeachie's Teaching Tips is a good book
for any new college instructor.  Lives on the Boundary and City on a
Hill both lead to interesting conversations.
Norman A. Stahl

Ron Suskind's nonfiction book, "A Hope in the Unseen," follows
Cedric Jennings through his junior and senior year in high school, a
summer prep program for minorities at MIT, and his first year at
Brown University.

Cedric is a very hard-working student who is strong in math and
science.  However, because he is from a lower socio-economic
background and because he attended a under-performing urban high
school in Washington DC., he finds that he is quite underprepared for
college.  He was an honors student in high school, yet he is far
behind most other freshmen in college.   And his personal
experiences are worlds apart from most of the other freshman at

Cedric allowed journalist Ron Suskind to accompany him and
extensively interview him and his mother over the course of 4 years.
This book is the result.

The book explores how it feels to think that you are better prepared
for higher education than you really are.  It also shows how one's
inner drive, motivation, pride, and dreams can help overcome those
deficiencies.   And it makes a strong statement about how lower
expectations in high school can limit students.

We will be using the book this summer in our pre-college program for
opportunity students

It was published in 1998 by Broadway Books (a division of Random
House).  It's 373 pages, and the ISBN number of the paperback is

Sharon Green
Niagara University