I am the Tutorial Coordinator at a community college.  We have done online tutoring on a very limited basis.  We're in the process of expanding our offerings.  I would like some input from those of you already  involved in this area.

How do students gain access to your online tutoring area?  Do they have to register and get a specific log in ID or do you use a generic ID?   How often is access to this area changed?  How do the students access your online tutoring?  Is it via your school's web page or is a separate address?

We will be using a message board but we'd also like to include a chat option somewhere down the line.   The appeal of an online message board is obvious, a student could post a question whenever the question pops up without waiting for the tutor to be available.  Within 24 hours an answer would be posted.  If your school uses a chat option, how successful has it been?

Thanks for your assistance,

Ann M. Niggemann, M.B.A.
Tutorial Coordinator
340 DeKalb Pike
Blue Bell, PA  19422