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A question for those of you who have self-paced, individualized, skills-development computer labs at your institutions as an option for developmental education courses....

Our institution in investigating the possibility of creating a computer lab for students who need preparatory coursework or "refreshers" in developmental reading, English, or math.  Currently, we offer developmental education courses that do not earn credit toward graduation.  Some students who are "borderline" resent having to sit through a 3-credit course in English, or cruise through the 1-credit math modules for "no credit."  We have heard of institutions that offer options to students testing into developmental courses: the students can 1) take a course (and pay tuition) or 2) use the self-paced (computer-based) learning lab to develop the necessary skills needed for freshmen-level courses.

For those of you who have these types of labs, what software packages do you use and why?  Do you find that the students can actually sit down at the computer and learn the material without an instructor?  I am familiar with PLATO and have contacted McGraw-Hill about their software, but I'm interested in learning about other packages that have been "tried and true" in the area of higher ed developmental ed...

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