Here's a hint:
When you are ordering materials, avoid companies that don't take credit
cards, purchasing cards, or purchase orders. Last spring I ordered some
materials from a company that didn't take POs, credit cards, or purchasing
cards, and it was a nightmare. Penn State paid for the materials by check
in March, and the materials were so late arriving (2 days before my
scheduled tutor training on August 20) that I couldn't use them this year.
They now are just taking up space.

The company lied to me every time I tried to check on the order (like in
the movie, "The Money Pit," they kept telling me it would be two weeks...).
When I tried to cancel the order, the company refused to cooperate,
claiming all kinds of copyright issues because they had sent me a copy of
the trainer's packet for a previous edition.

End result: There is a warning in Penn State's system. If anyone requests a
check to order from this company, the purchasing office will intervene.

If I ever see my college's name on the company's promotional materials, you
can bet I will make a fuss.

Good luck,

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>I don't do a credit-bearing course, but
>MacDonald, Ross B. The Master Tutor: A Guidebook for More Effective Tutoring,
>2nd Ed. Williamsville, NY: Cambridge Stratford Study Skills Institute, 2000.
>is really good.
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>Steve Runge
>Teresa Hoercher wrote:
> > I would like to post the following questions regarding tutor training:  For
> > those institutions that provide tutor training as a credit course ,have you
> > adopted a textbook for this course?
> >
> > Teresa
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> > > Doreen Sheen has listed a new topic on the tutor board at the Peer
> > > Tutoring SIG (special interest group - CRLA) website.  Please help her
> > > with suggestions from your tutors about group tutoring.  Remember - the
> > > tutor board is open to ANYONE - you don't have to be a tutor!  I'm sure
> > > she would be glad to hear from tutor administrators also.
> > >
> > > Peer Tutoring website
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> > > Thanks
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> > > Corrine Johnson
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