At LBCC, our tutors are hired to tutor specific courses (in most cases), so students must be enrolled in those courses here to be eligible for tutoring.  Although there certainly is similarity in course content for courses taught at different institutions, tutors who have taken the course at the same institution as their tutees can offer insight into instructors' style, expectations, and exam components, as well as other academic resources tailored to meet the needs of students taking courses at this campus.

Catherine Quinnett, Tutor Coordinator
Linn-Benton Community College
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I'd like to take issue with the idea that a student should not be tutored
when the class is offered at a different institution. To us, it is not a

As long as that student is enrolled at our institution, it is our belief
that we should be assisting that student with whatever courses that student
is taking. Even if the course is not 'one of our own,' the student IS and
our objective is to keep that student in school and see them graduate.  We
feel our primary obligation is to the student, not to the institution.

Roger Child, Director
Student Support Services
(New Dimensions In Learning)
The University of Iowa
310 Calvin Hall
IOWA CITY  IA  52242

>I ran into another problem lately that an instructor's signature would
>have prevented.
>First of all we are a two year community college, and students frequently
>take classes at more than one college within the Twin Cities Area at the
>same time.
>A student called in requesting a tutor for logic, so I scheduled her
>session over the phone.  Earlier this fall, she had been using a math
>tutor to finish up an incomplete from this  past summer.  Her math tutor
>happened to be sitting right here when I hung up the phone after speaking
>with the
>student.  The tutor said, "She is not taking that class here on campus but
>is attending a four year college near by."  When I approached her on the
>subject that she wasn't attending logic class on campus, she became
>irritated and asked when that became a policy to only tutor classes on our
>campus.  She is taking a computer class here, so she felt she was entitled
>to a logic tutor.