I'm a little late posting this report. Sorry. On Monday, November 13th,
the Caloosa Bird Club held their first field trip of the year to the
Devil's Garden area south of La Belle in Hendry County. We saw a total of
64 species. Best birds seen were a high-flying Common Loon (we were 50
miles inland!), White-winged Dove, Red-headed Woodpecker, Ruby-throated
Hummingbird, Black-crowned Night-Heron, Purple Gallinule, Sandhill Crane,
Common Snipe, Eastern Meadowlark, Swamp Sparrow, Great Crested
Flycatcher, thousands of Tree Swallows and a glimpse of a Least Bittern.

But the absolute best birds came after this field trip when Vince McGrath
(the other "Vince" in the group who is an ace birder from Ft. Myers) and
I went over toward the north end of Lake Okeechobee. On U.S. Rte. 27,
approximately one mile from the junction of S.R. 78 North in Moorhaven,
Glades County, we found @5 Crested Caracara. We then went over to the
booming metropolis of Okeechobee to try to find the Scissor-tailed
Flycatcher and Western Kingbirds that Jay Jolicoeur found off of Durrance
Road the  previous day. No luck on the Scissor-tailed but on U.S. Rte.
441(?) -- no less than @4 highways are signed differently here -- just
after entering Okeechobee County, we found @9 Western Kingbirds in a cow

But the best bird of the day came with a stroke of luck. On our way back
to Ft. Myers and Naples, we were delayed on S.R. 70, approximately 3
miles east of C.R. 29 in Highlands County when a boat slipped off of its
trailer thus blocking the road. Vince and I saw it as an opportunity to
bird of course! In a weedy cow pasture on the north side of the highway,
we witnessed a White-tailed Kite harrassing a Northern Harrier.
Afterwards, the White-tailed hunted/hovered no more than a hundred yards
in front of us. Beautiful! There was also a Bald Eagle in this area. If
you try for the kite and are coming from the east, the location is near
the intersection of Lonesome Island Rd. & S.R. 70.

Around Lake Okeechobee at Jaycee Park, we found many Ring-billed Gull,
Caspian and Forster's Tern, White and Glossy Ibis, Short-billed
Dowitcher, Least Sandpiper, Mottled Duck and many wading birds etc. On
our way home, we stopped near Archbold Biological Station on Old Rte. 8
in Lake Placid and found many Florida Scrub-Jays. We also had @2 Chipping
Sparrows, one Red-cockaded Woodpecker and several feral pigs around Old
Venus. Pine Warblers were pretty common there as well. All in all, it was
a pretty remarkable day. . . .

Vincent Lucas
Naples, FL