I spent the day (!5 Nov) inside (Bald Pt./feeder) except for thirty minutes
late in the PM when I drove to the tip of Bald Pt., and to the KOA on
Alligator Pt.

Gannet                (2) Off the KOA area.  Been here, maybe summered.
Lesser Scaup      (15) "   "     "       "
Scaup sps.          (150) Same area
Sharp-sh. Hawk   (1)  Feeder area, Bald Pt.
Bald Eagle           (1) Seen from window. B. Pt.
N. Harrier            (5)  Migrating E along Bald Pt.
Wh.-wing. Dove   (6)  4 at my feeder (B.Pt.), others at feeder on A.
Pt.  Lots this yr.
House Wren        (1) at feeder eating donut crumbs (hard to get at feeder).
Blue Grosbeak     (1)  F, arrived yesterday.
Indigo Bunting      (1) Feeder, 5 yesterday, dozen or more the day before.
E. Towhee            Several red-eyeds arrived at feeder within the last
(15) days.
Chipping Spw.      (1) at feeder, 4 yesterday.
Field Spw.            (1) at feeder, f-o-t-s here.
Wh.-crn. Spw       (2) at feeder, one yesterday, immatures.
Wh.-thr. Spw.       (8) at feeder, 5 yesterday.
Swamp Spw.         (2) at feeder, been here awhile.
Song Sparrow       (1) at feeder, has been 3 at once this season.

Rained last night, a little, and turned cool today.  The birds are
shuffling through judging from the changing numbers coming to my feeding

12 Nov 00:  A nighthawk was cavorting at dusk over the road in front of my
house.  This evidently excited the local Whip-poor-wills, as they were
extremely vocal, and flew near the nighthawk in the crowns of the large
pines.  The Whips were in full song and partial song, violently vocal,
louder than I've ever heard a goatsucker!  I called John Murphy, a
neighboring birder, who came over to hear/see the racket.  The situation
had calmed somewhat when he got here, but the Whips were still excitingly
"whipping" around the area.  I'm not sure it was caused by the nighthawk,as
I know these birds are territorial on the winter grounds, it may have been
that a new Whip arrived.  They responded easily when we imitated their calls.

That nighthawk, a Common, I believe, was the 1st since 31 Oct. that I've

Also, on this date, 12 NOV, Bonnie Allen, the soon to be Bald Pt. State
Park manager,called me to report (6) Snow Geese, two of them Blues, at the
tip of Bald Pt.  They must have spent the night on the bay as she flushed
them in the early AM.  These are the 1st here this season, as far as I know.

Jack Dozier
Alligator Pt., FL
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