This list has been created for the discussion, identification and listing
of Florida birds.  We are not a mini-BirdChat; we are FLORIDAbirds.
It should not be too difficult to comprehend what subjects are offftopic.

Your courtesy to the other members of this list is demanded.  If you cannot
control yourselves, please find another list that will accept it, or better
create your own list to cover those subjects about which you feel such a
compulsion to post.   Listbot lists may be created for almost any subject,
including those that are commercial.  Posting on offtopic subjects is no
more fair to the other subscribers than spamming.

Audubon has, as I have pointed out before, lists that deal with environmental

  Your posts about Florida birds are welcome, and your cooperation is also

(Although I am in North Carolina for a ten-day trip, I still am in close touch
with this list, as you can see.

Barbara Passmore