Lloyd Davis visited Powers Park (PP) and Gum Root Swamp (GR) today and came
up with a nice list:

American White Pelican (GR)  608
Great Blue Heron (PP)  ~100
Great Egret (PP)  ~100
Gadwall (PP)  1
American Wigeon (PP, GR)  5
Mottled Duck (GR)  2
Blue-winged Teal (PP, GR)  ~200
Northern Shoveler (PP, GR)  36
Green-winged Teal  (PP, GR)  ~350
Canvasback  (PP)  1 apparent imm. male
Redhead  (PP)  4 (1 male, 3 females)
Hooded Merganser (PP, GR)  245

Lloyd saw only three shorebird species - Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs and
Common Snipe. Last week Judy Bryan saw Northern Pintails at the Windsor boat
ramp, and yesterday I heard a Golden-crowned Kinglet at Gum Root (family
walk: not allowed to bird on pain of dismemberment, which doesn't bother me,
and loss of binoculars, which does). Lloyd saw Laughing, Bonaparte's, and
Ring-billed Gulls today; nobody's seen the Franklin's since the 19th.

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