02 Nov 00:  I had an imm. or F Black-chinned Hummingbird come to one of my
feeders.  I am not an expert on hummers, but I tried to key this one
carefully.  It had the gray forehead and into the crown, for sure, and (to
my eyes) the longer bill that it's supposed to have.  Furthermore, I
observed the wing/primary shape, that is probably the best field
mark.  Tail-bobbing was quite obvious.

My last Ruby-throated Hummer was on 16 Oct 00.

Some yard/feeder birds today:  Mourning doves ~60, abundant near the coast now
                                               White-winged Dove (2)
                                               Whip-poor-will (1), partial song
                                               Indigo Bunting ~10
                                               White-thr. Sparrow ~6,
influx, only one before
                                               White-cr. Sparrow (1) Imm.,
present sometime

Note:  All the White-crowneds (more than usual) I have seen this fall have
been young birds.

Jack Dozier
Alligator Pt., FL
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