I birded Canaveral Natíl Seashore on Saturday (11/25) and Sunday (11/26) for
pelagic species.  On Saturday, I had ~40 N. Gannets and 1 unidentified
jaeger between 8:30 and 10:00 at Turtle Mound.  I then moved down to parking
area 2, and the birding picked up: ~60 N. Gannets, 1 female Black Scoter,
and 44 jaegers Ė all, or almost all, Pomarines.  The bulk of the jaegers
came through in flocks of 11, 6, and 25.  There was also an adult Lesser
Black-backed Gull patrolling the beach.  I stayed until ~2:00 PM.
Visibility was probably <1 mi for most of the day, and winds were mainly
from the southwest.

In general, Sunday wasnít as good as the previous day.  I had 143 N. Gannets
and 5 Common Loons between 8:20 and 11:00 AM, but I think numbers may have
been higher due to improved visibility and calm sea conditions and not a
greater number of birds actually migrating.  The number of ducks was
dramatically reduced Ė I saw several hundred mergansers and scaup on the
previous day but much less on Sunday, and there were also more ducks flying
north instead of south.  No jaegers, either.  The highlight of the day for
me was a flock of ~30 Fulvous Whistling-Ducks flying north.

I gave up when the rain started at 11 and headed down to Merritt Island NWR.
  Best birds there were outstanding looks at Saltmarsh and Nelsonís
Sharp-tailed Sparrows and two very cooperative Sedge Wrens along the Black
Point Wildlife Drive.  Unfortunately, I didnít check e-mail over the
weekend, so I was unaware of the Great Cormorant I must have driven right

As a new Florida resident as of last week and first-time poster to this list
(so I apologize if all the birds I mentioned are run-of-the-mill ho-hum
birds around here), I have several questions: 1) Is anybody conducting a
formal, or semi-formal, seawatch in this area (or anywhere in the state for
that matter)?, and 2) How unexpected are Whistling-Ducks this far north (and
flying along the coast)?  The range maps Iím familiar with donít appear to
show them up that far.

John Puschock
somewhere in Lake County (if anybody has a place to rent around Umatilla or
Eustis, e-mail me!  Iím still homeless.)
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