Ron Smith recently said:

>Scissor-tailed Flycatchers are also rolling through eastern Texas right
>now and so we might be expecting more.  Texas has been getting soaked with
>heavy rains the past couple of days and the birds really seem to be on the
>move, even late warblers.

I found one yesterday on S.R. 9336 about one mile from the Coe Visitor
Center at Everglades National Park while on a T.A.S. field trip. There is
a small pull-out (paved) on the south side of the road. There is a weedy
postage stamp-sized lot here with a fence around it. The bird (a
juvenile) was seen flycatching (what else) from a telephone line. Other
birds at this site were @2 Chipping Sparrows, @1 Grasshopper Sparrow and
many Savanna Sparrows and Palm Warblers. We also had a Peregrine falcon
fly by.

Our best birds at E.N.P. were up to @5 Short-tailed Hawks (@4 dark-phase
birds and @1 light phase bird), @1 dark-phase Swainson's Hawk, @3
Baltimore Orioles and a kettle of over 250 (estimated) American White
Pelicans at the Flamingo Visitor Center. Other birds were @3
White-crowned Pigeons and several warbler species including
Black-and-White, Northern Parula, Yellow-rumped, Yellow-throated and Pine.

The mosquitoes on Snake Bight were too much to handle and I had a several
hour drive back to Naples so I opted to try for the Greater Flamingos
another time.

I also found several White-winged Doves along the ag fields in Florida
City. Alas, the Smooth-billed Anis  found by Ron Smith at the
intersection of Redlands and Avocado in Homestead were no where to be

Good birding!

Vince Lucas