The following message comes from hummingbird bander, Fred Bassett of
Alabama. I thought Florida birders would be interested (salivating is
more like it).
Lucy Duncan
Gulf Breeze, FL

Fellow Hummer Lovers,
The biggest hummer news in a very long time is that Susan Campbell banded
Green-breasted Mango yesterday, 19 November, in Concord North Carolina.
is an amazing bird that has only been seen six times in the United
and those were all in Texas.  This is the second Green-breasted Mango
in the United States.  The bird is not even in most birding books.  It
can be
found in the third edition of the National Geographic field guide.
Congratulations to Susan who was trained by Bob Sargent last year.
Closer to home, wintering hummers are popping up every where.  Bob
continues to have two Rufous hummers in his garden [Birmingham, AL], and
yesterday he banded a
young male Calliope within a mile of his home near Birmingham.  Fred
banded another Rufous this past week in Birmingham.
This past week, I made a sweep down to the Gulf coast and banded six new
hummers.  On Thursday near Midland City AL at the home of Gus Schreve, I
banded a young male Allen's and could not catch a Ruby-throated.  At the
of Bibbs Gamber near Slocomb AL, I banded an adult female Rufous.  Then
Niceville FL at the home of Blake Hardison, I banded a young male
Black-chinned and could not catch a Rufous.
I started Friday morning banding an adult female Rufous in Pensacola at
Mickie Carson's home.  Then I banded another adult female Rufous in
AL at Venetia Friend's home.  After missing hummers at a couple of homes,
finished up by banding a young female Ruby-throated hummer in Mobile at
Carolyn Saunder's home.  That makes three birds of three different
species at
Carolyn's home in the past two months.  I wish I had a large sweet olive
like she has in her backyard.
This morning, 20 November, I tried unsuccessfully to catch an adult male
Rufous in Andalusia, AL and have a couple of birds on my list to catch
around Montgomery.
Since returning from the coast, I have gotten information about at least
more wintering hummers in South Alabama/Florida Panhandle.  I will plan
another banding trip during the week of 27 Nov-2 Dec, so please contact
me as
soon as possible if you have or know of any other wintering hummers.
The freezing weather predicted for the next few nights should bring more
hummers to your feeders.  Be sure to have one out with fresh sugar water.
cold, hungry hummer may be there to say thank you.

Fred Bassett
Montgomery AL

The above forwarded by Lucy Duncan
Gulf Breeze, FL (in the panhandle and on the lookout!)

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