All of us serious Birders, and unserious alike, owe Larry
Hopkins more than we'll ever be able to express to anyone - even ourselves.
Every time I pish a sparrow into view, or think of the Panhandle, or think
of the coldest days in Florida and wearing gloves while wading a marsh for
rails & bitterns, or holding an umbrella in the rain while "warblering", or
listening to that run-down old screech-owl tape, I think of Larry.  He would
have loved the Green-breasted Mango like no other!
            Some of the words you used to describe yourself were right on
target!!!  Jeff and I were discussing those just the other day.
            Congratulations on the hummingbird, big guy!!!  It's an
"unadulterated" passion that just a few can explain and understand.

Ron Smith
St. Pete, FL
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Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2000 12:55 AM
Subject: [FLORIDABIRDS-L] Green-breasted Mango in North Carolina

>                                       Tue Nov 21, 2000
>  Hi all,
>  If anyone in the state of Florida is contemplating a trip up to
>  NC for the mango let me know & I'll be glad to post the info.
>  that you will need to have. I saw the bird yesterday, & it was seen
>  off & on all day today. By the way, are there any 100% pure
>  unadulterated total maniac kick ass listing fools left in Central
>  Florida, or am I the last of a dying breed. Or am I the only
>  one left who is stupid enough to think it's worth the time &
>  energy to drive 600 miles through the night (by myself I might
>  add, thank God for all the wacko ultra conservative talk show
>  hosts throughout the Southeast bitching about the liberal media
>  & NPR which they call "National Communist Radio" who I yelled
>  & screamed at all night from 11:30 PM Sunday  until 9:00
>  AM Monday morning), & then stand in the snow as my feet turned
>  to blocks of ice until noon when it melted, and then watch
>  as people came & went & moaned about their long drive all the
>  way from Raleigh!!!! As people left they asked, "how long are
>  you going to wait for it?" "Until it's too damn dark to see
>  the feeder, or until I drop, which ever comes first" was my
>  usual answer. And then wait another 2 hours and 10 minutes  until
>  it finally showed up. Do you think it was worth it? You bet your
>  sweet pea picking bippie it was worth it!!!!!!!!!!!! That was
>  the best hug I've had from PWS since the Rufous-capped Warbler
>  in TX back in the 70s!!
>  The hummer had been in the yard in Concord for a week but was
>  not IDd until this past Saturday when it was caught, banded
>  & photographed. We were all afraid that the little guy had been
>  to scared to come back, but the food brought him in. Or did it?
>  As the four of us waited & hoped, I thought about a friend with
>  whom I had chased many a lifer. I thought about how much fun we
>  would have had driving up through the night playing the "bird game",
>  & talking about past chases, & birding trips out west, & how
>  beautiful hummingbirds are, & how much he would have loved to
>  have seen this particularly beautiful one! As I was lost in
>  thoughts of my old life long friend, & staring through the scope
>  I heard Sykes' say "Oh my God there he is"!! And into the
>  feeder & into the scope flew this most spectacular creature.
>  Thanks Larry, I owe you one big guy!
>  Wes Biggs
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