Today while birding around Brevard County, Cindy and I found a first year
Great Cormorant. We studied the bird at length (about 30 minutes) from
around 50 - 75 yards with scopes while it preened and dried its wings. The
combination of white throat, brown neck and upper breast, and pure white
belly and undertail coverts was unequivocal.  More subtle differences were
the dark lores and forecrown, smaller pale yellow gular, and longer bill
with larger nail.

I don't expect anyone to rush right out and look for it, but here are the
directions, just in case:

The bird was on the rock jetty at the northern end of Marina Park, just off
of Hwy 1 in Titusville.  From Highway 1 turn east onto Washington Ave and
take an immediate left on to Marina Dr.  Take Marina Drive until just before
it ends at a chain link gate.  Go east on a dirt track toward the harbor and
look for the rock jetty on your left just before and behind the abandoned
and boarded up seafood restaurant.  The restaurant is posted no trespassing.
Please be aware and respectful of the postings. However, we were able to
meet the owner who gave us permission to bird from what appeared to be the
old parking lot.   You should be able to see the jetty area from the weedy
field just south of the restaurant that is not posted.

Good birding.

Kurt and Cindy Radamaker
Orlando FL
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