I've been following this saga on the Tennessee Birds posts.

For starters, a female Whooping Crane 5-6 years old known as Whitney was seen at
a pond in Greene County, east Tennessee, late afternoon Saturday.  As birders
were converging on Sunday morning, members of the International Crane Foundation
arrived.  They had been tracking the bird since it left Michigan on 11/21
presumably en route back to Florida from whence it had migrated in April.
Actually, a male (Winston) and female had left together from the Lake Huron area
where they had summered. Somewhere along the way they became separated and radio
contact was lost with the male.

These birds were among those released at Kissimmee by the Crane Foundation and I
believe are the first known to migrate north in the spring. The southbound route
was through Ohio and Virginia before the Tennessee arrival.

If the guys will tolerate a little barb, one Tennessee observer (female) noted >
Let's hope Winston finds his way without Whitney! Since he is male, lord knows
> he won't stop and ask for directions!

We can all hope for the safe arrival of this couple.  I hope someone will let us
know if and when.

Margie Wilkinson
St. Petersburg, FL
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