From Gail Menk - A NIMROD Publication:

"Yesterday Keith MacVicar and I birded for 2 hours and 40 minutes at the
above site where Hermit Thrushes "chucked" and "shreed" in good numbers.
Best bird, however, was a fairly late Wood Thursh seen by both of us, most
likely my latest-ever fall sighting (MacVicar's also) for the Tallahassee

Best approach to Bear Creek Trails (BCT) is probably via I-10 westward from
Tallahassee, a 15 minute drive to SR 267, turning left (south) and past the
Bear Creek Bridge and next turning shortly after on the left into the park at
a posted sign.

Gadsden County is blessed with many ravines and resultant trickly water flows
as typified by BCT where several brooklets have been strategically impounded
to create ponds and backwaters where various water birds undoubtedly breed
and flourish.  Especially striking to the naturalist is the flora, views of
which are greatly enhanced by trekking the ups-and-downs of the walking
trails.  There are also crossroads intersecting the trails where there are
level grassy stretches, sedge fields and more open sky views, all of which
offer more non-woods birding.

My present plan is to bird this park quantitatively every five days or so as
of this November until the end of October 2001.  I anticipate most edifying
results.  Want to join me?  You come too!" - G. Menk

Keith MacVicar (for Gail Menk)
Tallahassee  FL
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