Ok, here are the reports that have filtered in to me, but I have not seen on the internet.

In no particular order.

Wilson's warbler -1  FIND site just north of the main gate.
Nashville warbler -1  NW corner of FIND site.
"Audubon's" warber -1 South side of FIND Site.  It could be anywhwere in the area, just check the "Myrtle" warblers for one with a yellow throat
Henslow's sparrow -1 Near Hatbill Park.  After the last curve, there is a gated road leading west to an abandoned piece of land.  The sparrow was apparently seen here along with a Blue Grosbeak.
Lesser black-backed gull - 2 in flight at Playalinda Beach, and one on the beach at Jetty Park
Rusty Blackbird -2 at end of Hatbill Rd.
Field sparrow - 2 at FIND Site and one in field south of there.
Black-throated green warbler -1  Hammock about 300yds N. of the FIND Site.
Pectoral sandpiper -1  A late straggler was still in the new Duda Ponds on Sunday AM.

There is a sparrow field about 1 mile south of the FIND Site on Dixie Way.  It is on the north side of Burkholm St. east of Dixie Way.  It was mowed the day before the festival, but there were still several species of sparrows seen icluding Vesper, White-crowned, Field, Grasshopper, and of course Savannah.  There were Lincoln's sparrow and Bobolink preceding the festival.  There are also several Painted buntings and a Western kingbird in the area.

If anyone needs directions to these sites, you should consult the new Great Florida Birding Trail.  Of course you can also contact me or someone else in the area who will gladly give you directions.

David Simpson
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Sebastian, FL