Well...well...folks, how many think they will actually convince someone
else to take their "political" view on this matter?  There's a "split" and
it reminds us once again of our human frailties.  Have we not made the
first mistake by creating a system by which we place people in "ill defined
descriptive groups" called "political parties?"  Isn't it our human need to
define everything and everybody--even though this is a ludicrous concept
which serves to muddy the water rather than clear it?  It's about as
accurate as when people toss around those terms "liberal" and

Examples in this election fluke....Republican first--only because it comes
to mind first!....supposedly Republican ideaology is that "big fed
government" stay out of "local" business...and yet the Bush team is in
Atlanta filing "FEDERAL" appeals on a state issue.
OK, Democrat next--constantly bantering the "will of the people" and yet
trying to force a hand recount in a county where apparently the people's
will is to not have one!

And the beat goes on....

Gus Harris :-)
Election Central in Florida

I just wonder if the day will ever come when we just tell the truth...that
we realize our prejudices and bias, and because of this we'll
At 02:03 PM 11/17/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>Claire Cardina said:
>> the old punch card has been around
>> for years and years and is tremendously
>> reliable.  Who ever heard of chad problems?
>I don't buy that. If the count is sooooo reliable then why has the count
>changed with each recount? I do think that the machine "misses" votes,
>whether it's becuase of chads/pregnant chads or because it miss-feeds or
>misses ballots.
>Also, if the machine is sooooo reliable, why did G. Dubyuh sign legislation
>saying that the preferred method of recount (in his own state) would be hand
>recounts? The points made re: recount standards is well taken, however,
>machines are used because they are more efficient NOT more reliable.
>As for the SOS of Florida....She has the authority to allow the manual
>recounts into the certified totals. I'm pretty confident that if it were G.
>Dubyah asking for them to be allowed, she would have used her "discretion"
>to allow them...  =P
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