I was pondering the comment regarding the privacy of the votes we cast, when
I took a trip on the following train of thought.

1.  There are records which indicate that at Precinct X I was Voter #10.
2.  An electronic record exists for Precinct X which includes a tenth entry.

Therefore, would it not be possible, in theory, for someone who had access
to both sets of data, to extrapolate who I had voted for?

Also, I never realized (or else had never really thought about) how easy it
would have been to commit voter fraud.  When I went to vote I filled out a
card with my name and address.  I then signed that card and took it over to
the election volunteers.  They did not ask for or require any
identification.  They simply took the information from my card, checked
their list to see if it matched what they had, and then issued me a
certificate allowing me to vote.

In theory, I could have voted for my mother (who died in July of this year)
since I knew not only her name but also her address and the fact that she
would not herself be voting, although I knew who she would have voted for!
Of course, it was impossible for me to do that since my mom and I were in
the same precinct, so the folks there would have wondered why "I" was there
twice.  ;-)

Charis Wilson
Land Records Manager
Tom Brown, Inc.
555 17th Street #1850
Denver, CO 80202