The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) discussed this
issue at their annual Records Conference (RACO'97) in 1997.  An expert from
the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) presented
then-current research on the durability of CD's and other electronic media
and also devices that could monitor a disk for failure.  I don't remember
the presenter's name, but he was the last person on the program that year.
I am working in a different office than usual this week and won't have
access to my notes from that conference until late next week.

I would suggest searching the NIST web site for more information.   The
address is   .
The site search engine in available under the flashlight icon on the home

Alternatively, you could check NARA's records web site for information on
the RACO conference.  NARA's records site is at

I can send more information late next week or perhaps someone else on this
list has the information from that conference.

Annie Senol
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If anyone has knowledge of this please reply to the list, I am interested
in this info as well. Thanks.

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Can anyone on the list point me in the right direction?  I read an article
about a year ago that cited an accelerated aging process used to predict
life expectancy of the media.  Now I need to find the latest information on
the durability of CDs.  Thank you all in advance for the wealth of
information available on this listserv!

Arlyce J Vogel, CRM
Wisconsin Electric Power Company
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