I can't speak for New Hampshire law but in Texas DD-214's (and other types
of discharge papers) filed with our County Clerks have always been open and
are not excepted from our Public Information Act.

When I was discharged, lo these many years ago, no one said anything about
them being confidential and I have been repeatedly asked to provide copies
for various purposes.

That having been said, when I was discharged Service Numbers were not Social
Security Numbers.  Now, so I hear, the Service Number is the Social Security

Paul R. Scott
Records Management Officer
Harris County, Texas

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        Subject:        are military discharge papers confidential?

        Can anyone help me on this one?

        Former military personnel can choose to place their original Form
214, Armed
        Forces Separation Papers, on file with their city or town clerk.  As
        have need for copies of this certificate, we issue a certified "true
        attesting that the original is on file in our office.

        I have a local recruiter who wants to review these certificates.
His intent
        is to contact some of these individuals to see if they want to
        He said he had been allowed to review these certificates in another
        community where he had been assigned.

        I am not familiar with the regulations governing Form 214.  Would
        know if these papers are considered confidential?  Or can I grant
        recruiter access?

        Thank you!

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