In reply to Peter and Steven:

Only time will tell if Clinton goes down as a good or a bad president.

While I was growing up President Truman was denounced as being an ignorant,
coarse embarrassment to the presidency-and I grew up in a solidly Democratic

Now even most Republicans praise Harry as a great leader citing his
decisiveness and straight-forwardness.

Similarly, 20 years ago Richard Nixon had a strong coterie of defenders
insisting that he didn't do anything all that bad.

Now even most Republicans think that his conduct in office was

As for Clinton, who knows?  In 20 years we may be unable to find anyone who
ever voted for or had a good thing to say for him because of his personal
foibles (to be kind) or his flexible principles.  On the other hand, he
could be like Truman.  In 20 years we may be winking at his indiscretions
and praising him for standing up to a vicious and coordinated partisan
effort to overturn an election.

Whatever the case, these have been good times economically and
internationally.  Also, you kinda have to be in awe of a man whose adultery
forced two political enemies to resign.

Paul (a militant moderate) Scott