Heavens, enough already

Isn't this the wrong forum to be discussing who is the best President.

I'm quite happy to trawl through over 50 emails a day when they're to do
with RM but not when its "my favourite ex-president's better than yours"


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> Paul, I will defend to the end your right to believe and express your
> beliefs; in fact...; I have through service when I was young.
> I am a Missouri native, and believe Truman did the right things to end
> WWII.  I did not agree with his domestic and economic policies and
> actions, and definitely believe that he made big mistakes regarding Korea
> in the early 50's.
> Regarding Clinton, he is fortunate that Reagan took the tough road
> economically and in foreign policy.  Clinton politically, and all we US
> citizens, are currently reaping the benefits of Reagan's actions dating
> back to 1981.  I do not care who Clinton messed with.  I do not tolerate
> him lying to the nation.
> Regarding "vicious and coordinated partisan effort to overturn an
> election", I have not heard Clinton slam Gore's supporters yet, and have
> not heard him castigate the Florida Supreme Court for their dishonorable
> action yesterday.
> Best regards, Steve
> All opinions expressed are personal to the author.
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> In reply to Peter and Steven:
> Only time will tell if Clinton goes down as a good or a bad president.
> While I was growing up President Truman was denounced as being an
> ignorant,
> coarse embarrassment to the presidency-and I grew up in a solidly
> Democratic
> town.
> Now even most Republicans praise Harry as a great leader citing his
> decisiveness and straight-forwardness.
> Similarly, 20 years ago Richard Nixon had a strong coterie of defenders
> insisting that he didn't do anything all that bad.
> Now even most Republicans think that his conduct in office was
> reprehensible.
> As for Clinton, who knows?  In 20 years we may be unable to find anyone
> who
> ever voted for or had a good thing to say for him because of his personal
> foibles (to be kind) or his flexible principles.  On the other hand, he
> could be like Truman.  In 20 years we may be winking at his indiscretions
> and praising him for standing up to a vicious and coordinated partisan
> effort to overturn an election.
> Whatever the case, these have been good times economically and
> internationally.  Also, you kinda have to be in awe of a man whose
> adultery
> forced two political enemies to resign.
> Paul (a militant moderate) Scott