Dear All,

As a British subject I do feel the comments from Glenn and Harry are rather
unnecessary if not offensive.  Despite the faults of England/GB/the UK in
the past most people here value and cherish the commonwealth connexions we
have across the world as well as the "special relationship" with the US.

Please don't forget that one of the benefits to come out of British hegemony
is that many countries have similar organisational systems in place and on
listservs such as this we are able to converse (in the same language) about
virtually identical circumstances at opposite ends of the planet.  Our
common heritage is a wonderful bond and we should make the most of it - not
debase it with contempt.

Sorry for being so sanctimonious - but all this badmouthing each other is
getting us nowhere - the purpose of a listserv is to share knowledge not to
ridicule other countries.

Happy Thanksgiving (you'll probably be shopping) and have a nice weekend


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> Well, as a citizen of a country with archaic links to a remote and foreign
> little island ruled by a diverse and dissolute family, I'm keen to suggest
> you yanks secede again as soon as possible.
> You only have to look at Australian political and cultural history since
> Fraser and Kerr toppled the Whitlam government 25 years ago to see why.
> 11 November is a significant day for Australians - it is the day World War
> One ended and Australians were no longer killed fighting a remote,
> imperialistic war, it is the day the capitalists conspired with the
> English royals to roll a democratically elected government, and the day
> the establishment topped Ned Kelley, our best-known bushranger / outlaw.
> So watch out for any setup that connects you to the English royals, it
> doesn't work!
> Glenn (conspiracy theory) Sanders
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> Australia
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