I noticed in this week's Fortune magazine - vol. 142, no. 12, to be
displayed until December 4, 2000 - a worrying statement by Mike Ruettgers,
CEO of EMC, the digital storage company. He says, "Once companies have
committed to collect information - and almost everyone knows information is
key today - it becomes almost non-discretionary spending.  If you collect
stuff today, it has to go someplace, even when you have slowdowns. I don't
see saturation in storage." Ruettgers means he sees no saturation in terms
of sales of storage systems.

Well, I have seen the enemy, and for Mike Ruettgers the enemy is me, and
you, if we are going to apply retention schedules and put some sense into
endless accumulation of "information". I thought I'd already had my
technology shakes for the day, with the desktop email archive PK let us know
about - where do they think these things up?  But endless storage is EMC's
business model, and it is incumbent on records managers to fight this to the
bitter end.

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