I got some great information from my last post.  Thanks to everyone that
responded.  Now I have another request  -- actually a couple.  First, is
anyone aware of a site that rates/compares scanners, like a Consumers
Report for scanners?

Second, can anyone recommend or comment on a specific scanner they have
found to be very reliable?  I am part of the group that is looking at
scanners for our company.  We are looking at what I'll refer to as a
mid-range scanner.  We do not need one that can handle thousands of
documents a day, probably more in the area of a few hundred a week.  With
that said, we still want a machine that will not require a lot of man hours
to scan those documents.  Also, we do not have a need to do colored

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Janet Nelson CRM
Records Manager
Dairyland Power Cooperative
3200 East Avenue South
PO Box 817
La Crosse WI 54602-0817

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