Like Paul I live in Ontario...but I have been to Montreal.  Most people are
capable of saying "merci", and that is about all it takes.  Like many
places, Montreal is keenly aware of the potential damage to the tourist and
convention business of offending it should be an enjoyable
conference for all.

See actually our American colleagues (confreres) have much in common with French & Indian Wars, no heavy taxation, no American
Revolution.  (I wouldn't bother to point out, though, that the results of
the respective military actions against the British had very different



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>Good day,
>The Quebec government's Charter of the French Language law states that
>French signs must be predominately larger than the English sign.  You can
>read the info at this site:
> for more information
>for sign sizes and other aspects of protection given to the French
>I have never been to Montreal, even though I live close by in Ontario. I
>think that it's a myth that you will not get service if you don't speak
>French.  Perhaps, outside of Montreal or in some rural Quebec towns, but in
>Montreal English and French are widely understood and accepted.
> I look forward to going there for next year's conference.  I hear the food
>is amazing, I can't wait!
>Paul Cormier
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>Waterloo, Ontario