I have a son that lives in Florida.  When he went to cast his vote his name
had been "purged" entirely from the voter registration lists and he was not
allowed to vote.  I wonder how many other people in Florida found themselves
in the same position?

Jeana McLellan
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        I also heard something on the radio this morning that 2000 voters
had to
        use punch cards and they thought they were voting for one candidate
        they actually voted for someone else.

        Larry Medina <[log in to unmask]>@LISTS.UFL.EDU> on 11/08/2000

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        More a "forms management" question.....

        Was curious if there are any Florida voters here, especially those
        West Palm Beach.   Apparently, there was some supposed confusion
        regarding the ballot form, having to do with the strip being twice
        long as the ballot holder and there is some suspicion that many
        accidentally voted for "Brand R" rather than "Brand G", as they had
        intended to.

        It seems "Brand R" got 3500 votes in this precinct and only 17000
        in the entire state, and some investigation is going to take place
        may have a MAJOR effect on the outcome of the election.  Last I
        here on the West Coast, these voters may be given the opportunity to
        essentially re-cast their ballots in their entirety to ensure the
        were correct!

        Did anyone SEE this form/ballot holder and was it as confusing as it
        seems or is it in a large part attributable to the age of the
        voters and their inability to understand what may have been an
        set of instructions on how to insert the form?

        Larry Medina