Larry -
Florida has a very antiquated voting process, using  first generation punch
cards.  Each person, once ascertained to be a registered voter, gets a punch
card and a gray paper sleeve to put the "punched card" in, once the voting
is complete.
The voter approaches a specially designed booth/table where the  card slides
into a plastic slot on the voting table, especially designed to hold the
card. The card sits in the center of the table/booth while the voter reviews
the questions in a book and punches out , the desired responses with a
little steel punch attached to the machine.  There are perhaps, some old
card readers that they use to read the results of the punching on these
This is the most outdated voting data collection tool I have seen in all the
states I have lived in.
However, yesterday morning,  I was told by my  "card collector"  that if I
did not put my card into the gray cover sleeve correctly, as in inserting it
securely, and not simply enveloping the voting card, my vote would not
I thought that to be a bit overzealous on the part of the collector,
however, I am now seriously wondering if in fact, the exit polls were
correct, as originally projected and the process may be faulty, by design or
by omission.
I am sure that all of us have many questions this morning.
JoAnn Constantini
Jacksonville, Fl

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Subject: Not an Election question, per se...

More a "forms management" question.....

Was curious if there are any Florida voters here, especially those from
West Palm Beach.   Apparently, there was some supposed confusion
regarding the ballot form, having to do with the strip being twice as
long as the ballot holder and there is some suspicion that many voters
accidentally voted for "Brand R" rather than "Brand G", as they had
intended to.

It seems "Brand R" got 3500 votes in this precinct and only 17000 votes
in the entire state, and some investigation is going to take place which
may have a MAJOR effect on the outcome of the election.  Last I heard
here on the West Coast, these voters may be given the opportunity to
essentially re-cast their ballots in their entirety to ensure the votes
were correct!

Did anyone SEE this form/ballot holder and was it as confusing as it
seems or is it in a large part attributable to the age of the precinct's
voters and their inability to understand what may have been an unclear
set of instructions on how to insert the form?

Larry Medina