Thanks so much, Peter and Liz!  And good point Liz that most are treating
ALL records as EDI under HIPAA.  I just have a quick question on this: Does
a fax of a Medical Record fall under EDI?

Also, does anyone have any hard data regarding ideal environmental standards
for storing various types of hard copy (i.e: blueprints, sepias, bond paper,
computer forms, carbonless, etc.)?

I appreciate all replies, public and private ...

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        Try these websites: -- they also have a busy listserv

        Many vendors and others (not just health care facilities) will need
to deal
        with HIPAA issues as they will be classified as "business partners."
        far as electronic v paper records, altho the act speaks to
        records most people I know are treating everything as if it fell
under the
        act -- it's too difficult to separate the records consistently
throughout an

        Liz Allan, RHIA
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                Has anyone dealt with---had any meetings about, attended
        concerning---the potential consequences for their records management
        programs of the federal Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act
        of 1996---known for short as HIPAA? The N.C. Department of Health
and Human
        Services sees its possible consequences in terms of staff time,
money etc.
        as being in some respects greater than the effects of Y2K. The
        provisions concerning the handling of medical information contain
        language and would seem to affect records managers as well as those
who have
        primary control over such information. One area of ambiguity is
        paper records are also affected by this legislation, which in most
of its
        language is aimed at EDI and medical information in databases or
        electronic formats.

                I have only been recently alerted to HIPAA and recently
attended a
        about it. I would appreciate anyone else's input if he or she has
        informed that his or her program will have to deal with it.


        Ed Southern

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