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You cannot barcode votes giving you the ability to connect voters to their
choices, otherwise it wouldn't be a secret ballot.

Liz Allan, RHIA
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The issue here is whether solid records management could help resolve
current issues (theoretically, since we won't be asked) or through effective
use of technology, eliminate some of the problems in the future. If we can
track a billion files in records management, couldn't this technology be
used to track voters and their ballots as well.

Also, remember that regardless of how the election turns out, we should not
call one another "s'enflammer liberal" if we intend to share thought and
strategerie in Montreal. Besides, when my search engine detects the word
"flaming" in a an email, it automatically sends a FIRELOCK brochure. (Also
try to avoid phrases like "This is a real catastrophe", "Our progress is
going like blazes.")

This List has a very large collection of election clerks, county clerks,
city clerk and from the sound of it, a large number of interested
volunteers. We should be able to discuss this intelligently without falling
into an argument.

Can someone tell me why it would not be a good idea to provide each voter
with a bar code under his name and signature. When that person signs in,
they are presented a ballot which is printed with their bar code. Then they
vote. The ballot is linked to a name and a numerical order the same way we
do boxes in a warehouse, for example: 1) First two digits for the state ID,
2) Then County number within the state 3) Voter's Social Security #.

This links the ballot to the voter. This might eliminate fraud. (Also for
the person who spelled fraud as frod, that is wrong. :~) Although in
Montreal they say "frauduleux" )

Voters could even be given a bumper sticker immediately, using the ID ballot
that says "Don't Blame me, I voted for_____!" If their candidate loses, they
already have their alibi. Notice how I capitalized the "B" on blame. That
way, if your guy gets elected, you are immediately required to cut off the
"Don't" and paste the rest on their car. That way two years from now, we
will at least be able to identify the culprits. This if nothing else will
make us think about our vote.

Also I hope ARMA is noticing how I keep bringing French words into the List
to promote Montreal. Adieu.
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