Pity about the change in dates for the ARMA Conference in the past few
years.... as I remember, it used to be held closer to the middle of
September than it is now....

Many organizations have their fiscal year beginning on October 1, which
makes later September- early October dates difficult for these
individuals to get funded and/or approved for travel!

Also, and I fully appreciate that ARMA *IS* an International
organization, it's not easy for some firms to get approval for what is
considered "foreign travel"... while it's not easy for some of us in the
US to think of Canada as a foreign country, well..... by definition, it
still is.

I realize that holding Conferences is similar to Real Estate, the first
rule is Location, (followed closely by Location and Location) and likely
that is why the date comes second in determining to hold the conference,
but it might be "food for thought" for future conferences, say starting
with 2002, which likely hasn't had it's date set yet.... but I'm sure
locations are being scouted out!

Just out of curiosity.... HOW MANY of you are affected by this??


....oh, and if you don't want to clog up the List with responses, you
can send them to me and I'll collect a list of names OR you can post
them to the USENET Newsgroup this
unfortunately is a HIGHLY under used venue!!