I see two problems:

1. Hardware may still be around? I've had to work a couple of times with REALLY old computers or peripherals (some almost as old as me!). In one case we had hardware and a good technician, but couldn't get spare parts. In the other case we had good supplies but no technician. I even worked once with Friden Flexowriters: we could only get NEW spare parts, and whenever we replaced something with a new part, something else would bust because the new part was not as worn as everything else.

2. Migrating - always difficult, not just technically, but difficult to get priority, resources and money from on high. Again, I was peripherally involved in one case where the operating system had gone away, so the organisation ended up hiring a real tech-head to write driver software so they could take the data off the old drives, and THEN begin converting formats etc. Trouble was the tech-head knew he was (a) needed desperately and (b) the only survivor of his species - talk about expensive!

My main worry would be the migration - trouble is, how many times can you get the resources to do it again - and again - and again?


Glenn Sanders
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