Hi gang:

With the holidays nearly upon us, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that if you are going to be away from your office, and you do not want the recmgmt-l messages to pile up, you will need to set your recmgmt-l subscription to nomail.

DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE--because as you know, all replies to listserv messages go to the entire listserv membership.  You must use the address listed below.

To set your listserv subscription to nomail:  send a message to:  [log in to unmask] with the message:  set recmgmt-l nomail.

PLEASE wait for the confirmation--and then read it, because if your email address has changed since your subscription, you will not be able to change your listserv subscriptions.

If you are setting an auto-response to your email, you MUST set your recmgmt-l listserv subscription to nomail, or face the wrath of thousands of records managers across the world who don't care that you are gone, and worse yet, are working while you play.

One last reminder:  If you reply to a recmgmt-l message, that reply goes out to every single recmgmt-l subscriber.  PLEASE, you MUST rekey or cut and paste the address if you are sending a private reply.

Thanks for your support and posts.  Have a great holiday season.

The Goddess

Susan McKinney, CRM
RECMGMT-L Listserv Owner/Host
[log in to unmask]

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