Oooh, now I have to speak up.  I didn't post the message - Dominique Maurel
did.  I just guessed what it's content might be.

The truth is - I've never studied French, been to France only once and so
can't help you at all, Mark!!  Sorry.

I like moi aussi, though.  Very cute.


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Moi aussi.

Now Nicola, I will take a stab at this for our American colleagues
(confreres, en francais)...

Records Management Listserv = liste serveur de gestation des documents




At 08:38 PM 11/06/2000 EST, you wrote:
>Nicola, I for one, enjoyed seeing your notice in French. I was happy to
>discover my college French classes had not been taken in vain.


Everything for accountants

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