Lumps ... Bill?  I do not think so.  You hit the nail on the head.
Best regards, Steve

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Sorry, I can't keep quiet on this - even if it brands me partisan.

Most people seem to ignore the fact that the 'Forms Manager' who
developed some of the 'forms' failed to refer to the 'procedures manual'
before designing the form.

There appears to be no sanctions for the inept 'boss' of the volunteers
who apparently get the jobs without any qualifications. It is my
experience that many volunteers are worth exactly what they are paid.

I would guess that the people who failed to properly fill out the
'forms' fall into one of the following categories: They are illiterate
and can not read the instructions, too lazy to bother to read the
instructions, too feeble to adequately mark the 'forms', or think they
know it all and won't bother to read the instructions. Thank goodness
the ones who failed to follow the instructions are definitely in the
minority. (But I suspect that these same people carefully scrutinize the
fine print in most other 'forms' they 'manage'.)

All in all, I think the system works better than one could reasonably
expect - given the above circumstances. (Unless there are attorneys

I'm now ready to take my lumps.

Bill Thomas