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Although she is writing in a more psychosocial context, Kristeva writes
about Matricide as a necessity to maintaining an abject maternal body.  I am
not so up on Kristeva (have not looked at it in a little while), but I think
this has something to do with the creation of patriarchal law, rather than

David Der-wei Wang wrote an essay that appeared in a publication called
Boundary 2 (published 10/1/1998) about Modern Chinese Literature.  "In Wu
Zuxiang's "Fanjiapu" (The Fan village), another hungry woman commits
matricide after her mother refuses to lend her money to survive a drought".
Although this is more of a literary than psychological reference.

Jose Alejandro Silberstein  wrote a story for
The_International_Journal_of_Offender_Therapy_& Comparative_Criminology
called "Matricide :  A paradigmatic case in family violence".  More of a
multidisciplinary approach.

"Matricide and the Mother's Revenge: As I Lay Dying." Appeared in the
Faulkner Journal.

hope these help,


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>Subject: Matricide
>Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2000 15:37:44 -0500
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>Dear Psyarters,
>At a conference in Belgium I met an Austrian psychoanalyst, who is looking
>material about matricide and extreme forms of what has been called
>'Electra-complex' (myths, legends, novels, movies etc.. but also real cases
>matricide). She has not been able to find anything so far, which is quite
>remarquable. I told her I would ask my  fellow-psyarters in the land of
>opportunities and Lizzy Borden.
>I hope someone can be of any help. Thanks!

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