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I don't know if this has already been asked/answered, but where
could I obtain the "Look at Productive Tutoring Techniques"?
Thanks for your help.
Anne Weed
Keuka College
Keuka Park, NY

On 1 Dec 2000, at 11:00, Molly Widdicombe wrote:

Sandy and others:

For the first time this fall I used a combination of both the Tutor's
Guide and A Look at Productive Tutoring Techniques.  I found that
each series had something to offer the other did not.

Tutor's Guide is better at showing group tutoring situations, which
is what we do here.  The downfall for me is that we tutor mostly
science courses, and the situtations in the video deal with a lot of
Humanities subjects.  I really like the content of the tapes though,
so I continue to use them.

Productive Tutoring Techniques is obviously more up to date.  My
tutors tend to become hysterical watching Tutor's Guide because
of "old" hair and clothing styles.  I like the way Productive Tutoring
Techniques approaches one on one issues like encouraging
students to learn independently.  My tutors did comment that the
scenarios seem a bit long to get the point across.

I will continue to use both sets of tapes as they each have
something of value.  Our tutor training seminar is a one credit class
that meets once a week for 1 1/2 hours for 10 weeks.  I would say
that I use videos about 1/3 of the time and of course always have
discussion afterwards.  I hope this helps.


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