I teach a web-enhanced "student development seminar" to first semester
students, and I've been building a webpage with links to lots of online
study skills materials.

Below is a link to the main page of my site (which is under construction).
On my main page I have links to online materials under "Student Success
Guides" (stuff about reading, writing, listening, studying, test-taking,

You may also find links to the various websites helpful, too.


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Subject: Distance Learning Study Skills courses

Hello all,

         have been hired to develop a distance study skills course at the
community college where I work that will support students who are taking
other courses at a distance. The course will provide a combination of
general and discipline-operate study skills and strategies. It will most
likely operate as a "stand-alone" course that requires applications to the
courses that students are already enrolled in/anticipate taking in the near
future. At this point, it is looking as though it will be print-based or
print-based with video and support software. I have two questions regarding
all of this:
1) If your institution has such a course in place, I would appreciate
knowing of it- perhaps via a website- along with any general comments on
the efficacy of this method of reaching distance learners
2) Does anyone know of an inventory/inventories that assess student
suitability for distance courses?
Lesley Watts