I'm interested. I would appreciate public replies. In fact, I would
appreciate any feedback on scheduling software.

We just set up a tutoring center mid-October, and I am learning as I go. I
currently have an Access Database set up for keeping track of students and
giving my tutors regular reports of scheduled appointments, and giving
instructors regular reports of students served and what they are working on,
but the appointments themselves are written in a book that I then transfer
to the computer.

I have been searching the web for scheduling software that might meet our
needs, but this is a totally new area for me, so any suggestions concerning
keeping track of students, subjects in demand, tracking info for the
instructors' use and appointment setting that those here might have would be


Arleen Janz
DMTC Supervisor
Hillsborough Community College
Tampa, FL
(813) 253-7445

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> Subject: Accutrack
> Our learning center at The University of Vermont is presently
> considering
> the purchase of Accutrack for making student appointments, tracking
> students' attendance, gathering statistics and generating
> reports.  Before
> we make a financial commitment, we'd like to know what
> experiences any of
> you may have had with this software.  These are a couple of
> questions we
> would like addressed:  1) What is the quality of support that
> is provided?
> 2)  Is it a disadvantage that the program is not networked on campus?
> If you don't think others on the list would be interested in
> this topic,
> please e-mail me at [log in to unmask]
> Thank you, Fran Kahn