Kenneth Baldridge's work with college reading goes back to at least 1954
and the Reading Laboratory, Inc. of New York when he was a co-author of The
Techniques of Reading with Horace Judson.  In later editions only Judson
was the author.

Baldwin later authored Seven Reading Strategies and also Reading and Study
Techniques for Academic Subjets.  Both were quite innovative for the latter
1970's.  My students liked the books.  The datedness of the materials at
that time related to speed reading drills and suggestions that were not
particularly supported by then current research---although some ideas might
now have a following in the reading fluency movement.

I did not realize that the materials were still on the market.
Interesting.  I'd like to hear from others about the materials as well.

Is anyone out there considering the use of that new series by some guy
named McGuffey?  (It's the end of the term--we can all be bad.)

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